Annual meeting and symposium

The 40th annual meeting and symposium of FST, titled 40 Years Serving Safe Future, was held on 13-14 May 2019 in Kuopio (programme).

Photo credit: UEF Communications and Media Relations

Previous symposiums:

16–17 April 2018, Helsinki: Toxicology in promoting occupational and environmental safety (programme)

26–27 April 2017, Helsinki: Drug abuse – Pharmacological, toxicological and clinical aspects (programme, abstracts; SFY, SKFY & FST)

11 –12 May 2016, Oulu: Sustainable development in toxicology

23–24 April 2015, Helsinki: Herbal products – Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and toxicology (programme; SFY, SKFY & FST)

5 –6 May 2014, Kuopio: Metals and other inorganic compounds in eco-, environmental and occupational toxicology

13–14 May 2013, Espoo: Predictive toxicology and drug safety testing

16 –17 April 2012, Jyväskylä: Environmental and ecotoxicology of pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles

14 April 2011, Helsinki: Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species – Disease and toxic mechanisms as the basis of drug development and side effects (SFY & FST)