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Suomen toksikologiyhdistys r.y.

Perustettu/Founded 1979

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Finnish Society of Toxicology (FST) was founded in 1979 to promote research, education and training in toxicology in Finland. The Society has currently ~300 members, who work at universities and research institutes, in health administration and industry. It also has contributing members from several organizations representing research and industry. FST has seven honorary members: professor John Doull from the University of Kansas (USA), professor Jens Schou from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), professor Jouko Tuomisto from National Institute of Public Health (Kuopio, Finland),  doctor Marja Sorsa (Helsinki, Finland), professor Hanna Tähti (Tampere, Finland), professor Pauli Ylitalo (Tampere, Finland) and professor Olavi Pelkonen (Oulu, Finland).

FST organizes annual scientific meetings and promotes cooperation in toxicology with other national and international societies. It is an active member of both EUROTOX and IUTOX.

FST has close contacts, in both research and education, with toxicologists from other Nordic countries. It also collaborates intensively with Baltic toxicologists.