As a member of FST one will be part of the toxicological community in Finland and for example the information on seminars and symposiums will be shared to FST members. In addition to this FST organises annual scientific symposiums which is free of charge for the members. Members may suggest the topic and have an influence on the program of the symposium. FST contacts its members via email and therefore it is crucial that changes in email address are communicated to the secretary.

Joining the FST: Fill application form, get signatures (recommendations) from two members and email scanned form to the secretary.  sihteerille.

Changes in name or email address: Contact secretary via email.

Fee 30 € to bank account IBAN FI8780001201716678 [Suomen Toksikologiyhdistys r.y.], reference number 1009. Fee shall be paid annually by the end of the May.

Supporting member (companies): A possibility to apply the status of supporting member to get visibility and contacts among professionals of toxicology. The fee is 200€. If willing to get more information, please contact president / secretary of the FST.