Member register

Member register log in here. The page has instructions for resetting a forgotten password. If necessary, a new activation link can be obtained from the secretary.

FST member register is located in an electronic register service (FloMembers member register, service provider Flo Apps Oy). The system complies with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Membership communications and invoicing of membership fees are handled through FloMembers. It is especially important that the register includes the current e-mail address for each member, as all communication of the society takes place by e-mail. We recommend that all members add a secondary e-mail address to the member register, so that member communication does not stop, for example, when changing jobs or graduating.

Emails sent from the register may occasionally be filtered as spam. So from time to time, please check also your spam folder.

Members have access to their own information entered in the register, which allows them to view and update them, if they wish. To this end, members have received an activation link from the system. Please follow the instructions in the message to activate the account by setting a password. Alternatively, please contact the secretary to update your information.

If desired, members can also link the login to their other accounts. Please note, however, that before the accounts can be linked, the FloMembers account must have been activated according to the instructions in the email that contained the activation link. The system also requires at least one login with the original account information before the accounts can be linked.

The security of member information has been taken care of, e.g., as follows:

  • Network traffic is SSL secured
  • Passwords are stored in the system encrypted
  • Critical operations are stored in system logs

The maintenance of the FloMembers system is decentralized to several servers located in the EU. Members’ data is not transferred outside the EU, but most e-mails and text messages from the register are transmitted via US servers.

The data protection statement (in Finnish) in accordance with Section 10 and Section 24 of the Personal Data Act. The information in the register is used only for communication from the society, as a member mailing list and for monitoring the membership fee status.