European Register of Toxicologists

FST has launched a register of experts in toxicology in the year 1995. The registered toxicologists are nominated by the FST registration committee according to special guidelines which define the degree of education and professional expertise in toxicology. The guidelines of FST toxicology register are harmonized with the EUROTOX guidelines of the European Register of Toxicologists. Therefore, registered toxicologists of FST belong automatically to the European register of toxicologists.

The professional title of a person in the register is registered toxicologist (ERT). The term toxicologist differs from most other professional titles in that persons with varied basic educations are entitled to use it. In spite of the wide range of jobs available for toxicologists, common denominators for toxicologists must be sufficient theoretical knowledge and professional expertise. Moreover, registered toxicologist assures the contracting party/customer that the person engaged in the job is competent to work as a toxicologist. The standardization of the term toxicologist thus clarifies the job description both for those who need the services and for the public in general.

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Register secretary
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