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Finnish Society of Toxicology (FST) is founded at 1979. It aims to work for the development of toxicology, research on the field of toxicology and to help in the solution of the toxicological challenges. FST aims to bring together different fields and actors of toxicology in Finland and connects Finnish toxicologist with international operators and organisations. FST organises scientific symposium on current topics annually and participates to international toxicological congresses.

Topical and upcoming activities:

  • Recording of the ‘Safeguarding toxicological expertise in Finland’ seminar held on 11 January 2023. (Most of the talks are in Finnish, but the slides are mainly in English.)
  • SOT 2023 19–23 March 2023 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
  • Eurotox 2023 10–13 September 2023 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)