Activities of FST

Finnish Society of Toxicology (FST) was founded in 1979 to promote research, education and training in toxicology in Finland. The Society has currently over 200 members, who work e.g. at universities and research institutes, in health administration and industry.

FST has several honorary members: professor Jouko Tuomisto, professor Hanna Tähti, professor Pauli Ylitalo, professor Olavi Pelkonen, professor Kirsi Vähäkangas, research professor Kai Savolainen and professor Harri Vainio. The departed prof. Bo Holmstedt (2002), prof. John Doull (2017), prof. Jens Schou (2017) and prof. Marja Simonjoki-Sorsa (2018) were also honorary members of FST.